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About Us

The Journey House is a non-profit organization located in Nashville, TN aiming to bring healing to families walking through difficult medical diagnoses of a child. These include transportation, counseling, aid in medical related expenses, short and long-term housing, tutoring, and more based on individual needs. Our organization also partners with local hospitals to help "fill in gaps" of how to care best for the child and the family. We are revitalizing our fundraising and expanding our mission to reach more patients and families. Historically, The Journey House has acted behind the scenes, working with families and hospital liaisons around Nashville, TN. We're excited to expand our reach and use that platform to partner with more families with the goal of bringing emotional and relational healing as they pursue physical healing. 



Cancer Battle Inspires World Record Mosaic

"The world record for the largest mosaic picture held by people was broken for a very special cause in Charleston, South Carolina earlier this month.

A total of 1,458 participants gathered at Blackbaud Stadium on Daniel Island, SC for the attempt which was motivated by Ansley McEvoy, a five year old girl who was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer last year."


Ansley's Attempt

"It's a huge vision," says McEvoy. "A lot bigger than us but cancer and chronic disease is a huge problem. A community like this can step in together and if everybody even just gave a small amount it multiples and then the next thing you know we're able to serve a lot of people."

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